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Last evening 

Part of me wants to be reckless and hit the road while the other part is battling a wall. It’s probably the old back issue in addition to the knee stuff going on. I am not seeing the doc on this, hate having to go there so often. Overall, I feel like a tumbling stack of cards. Somehow, I pick up the pieces and start all over again. I guess I miss the old routine and my running clothes. I miss the flush of a run done. Well…

24 hours closer to the road?

This evening 

It is remarkable how a couple of changes made for easier movement in the pool. It’s not the same as running but hopefully, I will be back sooner than I expect. Water is nice but I miss the earth beneath my feet and the wind on my face. I’m nicely tired and hungry today after a long time and it feels good. Almost, but not quite like how a run makes my skin smile.