Me in MeAndMyRun

This blog started as a means to keep me on track to complete 3 weeks of regular running and now I find that I like putting down a few thoughts most days.

Running has helped in giving wings to my feet and a fresh direction to my thoughts. This little slice of the web has been my den where I stop by to sift through my thoughts and it seems appropriate to make this a well-worn trail as I ramble through running, reading and writing.

The Me in MeAndMyRun

I’m just another runner in Pune, India. Not so different from anyone other person who likes to run. What I like best is the sense of a little time pocket all my own when my feet take off. It’s just me and my random thoughts as I chug along.

My running road has had many bumps due to cervical spondylosis and at times it has been very frustrating to wait it out. I started practising yoga to sort the neck pain so that I could run uninterrupted but at some point it ceased being just therapy for the body and became a part of my life. Since this space has been running centric, I decided to move yoga related musings to another space. Although I guess, it all boils down to just one thing eventually.

March 2016

Almost a couple of years into this blog and I’m beginning all over again. Baby steps into barefoot running. It just feels right for me, bringing together two of the things I love in my life, yoga and running. As I continue exploring barefoot walking/running, I also find that I actually need less. If I had to sum up what it means today, I would say I want to live lightly, tread softly and leave quietly.

Welcome to my journey. I can also be reached on facebook or by e-mail at



14 thoughts on “Me in MeAndMyRun”

  1. you inspire me to run too…………but it’s my butt that comes in the way


  2. A runner in PUNE?! Ahhh.. but also an Iyengar practitioner. Now THAT makes sense šŸ˜‰ So happy you dropped by my blog, and introduced me to yours. I used to run also.. many years ago (pre-accident), so I have to admit that once in awhile I get runner’s envy. But most of the time, walking and Iyengar/restorative yoga practice sets me right and calms me down. Namaste.


  3. Great to read your blog. Glad that you kept at it – both the running and the writing. I’m starting to see the benefits of yoga too, in my life. Some lovely insights here, thanks for sharing.

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  4. Paul Tim Richard said:

    Hello and nice to see your like. Here’s hoping that something in my posts aids you in your journey. I like your idea of making your journal a wordpress blog. Makes sense. Keep it going!

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  5. Many thanks for your kind and encouraging words.


  6. Good luck with the barefoot running šŸ™‚ I’ve recently started doing yoga, mostly to help stretch my awful hamstrings, so will have to have a look at your yoga posts.

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  7. Hi! I found you from a comment you dropped on my blog. I like what you are doing here and it inspires me to run again. These days, I mostly walk the dusty roads of Southern Minnesota with my dog…but every once in a while those old days of running ten miles every morning will come back to me.

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    • The joys of a run… miss the road beneath my feet. Ten miles seems so so far away now…
      Thank you for stopping by. I love your posts, always bring a smile, especially the Stan ones. šŸ˜Š

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