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Swimming is a skill I learned pretty late in life. The only way I know to swim is freestyle and even that doesn’t have the gracefulness that I see in good swimmers. 

A couple of days ago, an old friend came over to stay, along with a friend. Her friend, Ms. E had almost drowned as a child and was afraid of the water. Much later in life, she learned to swim to get over her phobia. She shared about how she was taught from scratch. In fact, she got on to the floor at home to demonstrate the actions! It’s amazing how life brings teachers when there is a need. 

A few things to work on this month- find the rhythm and control in breathing, learn to pivot the body from the waist and keep the body aligned horizontally. At present, there is just getting from point A to point B, not particularly in an efficient manner.

Little K is back at school although she still has a little pain but we both enjoy time in the pool. She’s a water baby and swimming is the perfect outlet for her pent up energy. She looks like a natural to me but then I’m her mom…

Tiny, bobbing head teaching a graying one…