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Running seems almost impossible after such a long gap.

The rational part of the head knows that it is doable but somewhere there is a sense of ‘what’s the point?’ There are many reasons to get back but I’m stuck getting started. The knee is not 100% and may never be. Some days when yoga is intense, I have a grumpy knee for a day and I need to rest it. Is it such a smart idea to irritate it again? What am I looking for with running?

Running has never really been about getting fit or losing weight, it’s been about breaking mental blocks and discovering the might of the mind while spending time outdoors. It’s the time out in the open that I miss, the feel of the ground underneath my feet and the breeze on my skin. I miss thinking about running posts and finding parallels with the other interests in my life. Yet, perhaps, not all that much because it doesn’t seem to dry up the words for my other web spaces.

A bit of a roundabout post but in the spirit of the log that this space is meant to be. Right here, right now.