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It’s been quite a while since I posted and there’s really nothing much to say on the running front. A couple of tiny runs but the knee is not quite there yet. 

I happened to visit the doc along with the husband. Turns out he has a fractured toe and my knee cannot take the load just yet. It still needs time to get run ready. I suppose recovery has its own meandering route and the graph is not quite what one expects. There are breakthroughs and fails and it continues until one fine day you realise it’s sorted. 

The rain gods are ready to make their seasonal long visit with grey skies and tiny drizzles. It’s a welcome cool after the exceptionally hot summer. So hot that the mangoes felt it too this year!

Staple brekkie every summer. A mango or two or three 🙂

I’m a little sad to see summer go and with it a season of no running. It gets cool during the rains and I’m wondering about swimming during the monsoons. The funny thing is I learned to swim and started to run during the rainy months.

Maybe the season of new growths will signal new beginnings once again…