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I’m finding it hard to get back to running. It seems like a very long road back and the easy way out is to just continue what I am doing. Swimming, yoga and physio exercises. Enough movement all right but no runner’s high. A couple of run walks and the knee stayed okay. But, almost zero motivation to continue. And it makes me wonder if my running days are over…  

Swimming continues to be good and perhaps I have improved a little in terms of speed and stamina. Yoga has been a slow back to basics with increased weight bearing on the knee. Sometimes, I end up overdoing and then have to ease up a little. All in all, I manage a good 90 minutes of movement almost everyday.  But… 

Looking back, it is a similar pattern to what happened three years ago, when I struggled to run regularly. Back then, there was motivation in the form of wanting to run a half marathon. Now, I don’t see any goal I want to chase. A little bit of an unending desert landscape as far as running goes. I wonder if it will change or if this is the new normal. If I had to give it a name, I’d say apathy. 

On a happier note, little K adopted a kitten and it’s been kind of fun to have a little creature at home. We never had any four legged pets before and it’s a completely new experience. 

Meet Koko!

So, that’s that, for now. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.