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I guess it’s taking a little longer than I expected to be back on the road. I did get out for a couple of runs but the knee grouched sufficiently to let me know it still needs time. Both short runs left me with stiffness and pain, especially when descending stairs. It took a few days to be pain free so I suppose it’s best to enjoy this time off. I did get back to running 6 months or so after tearing the ligaments in my ankle so it’s doable.

Running would get a whole bunch of thoughts to the surface, like a lava lamp. Little observations would float up to the surface and make interesting connections. I depended on running for a lot of things. It would charge my day with fresh thoughts, energy and a buoyancy of heart. In the few months off, I lost many good practices to not running. Recently, it dawned on me that much as I like the sport, it was a tool to keep me on track. I could use anything to provide that function! All I need is one thing to do every morning to pivot on. The funny part is there are many things I do but not in a consistent manner. It’s good when life brings me back to basics time and time again. Sometimes I can be a bit slow in figuring out things that stare me in the face. 😊

Summer is on full swing and the pool is crowded all hours. So, the leisurely swims have given way to 30 minutes of brisk laps and out. It’s kind of nice to swim fast and out. Sometimes I float on my back and watch the gulmohur tree (flame tree) that peeks over from the adjoining garden. It’s on fire with all the flowers this time of the year. The skies are full of birdsong and I wonder what they sing about. In the winters, they don’t wake up until it’s light. Now, I hear them even at 5 in the morning and until much beyond dark in the nights. It never fails to amaze me when I watch the seasons roll and with it the change in habits of the flora and fauna around. It’s just us humans that find our way around nature rather than be one with the rhythm of the cosmos. 

On a completely different note, I’ve been enjoying my garden and exploring traditional weaves of my country. It’s holiday time and we also did a short trip to some old Buddhist caves outside the city. That was a little tough on the knee while descending. All in all, it’s a good life and I am grateful for today. 

Clockwise from top left- cape honeysuckle from my garden, Chityagruha at Karla Caves, traditional Maharashtrian cotton saree with a Kalamakari blouse, carving at Karla caves