I forgot how the calves can ache when starting to run barefoot. The sweet sore that tells you dormant muscles are waking up. Mr. Knee was grouchy for about 48 hours, so I’ll probably have to keep running to just a mile or so. 

I did stretch before getting out but forgot some of the regular ones that I would do before. Nothing like a spot of discomfort to remind one of the basics. It got me to dust off the Idiot’s guide to barefoot running (thanks AJ) and have a look at the exercises mentioned in there. For now, it’s just going to be easy peasy walk runs until the knee does not groan at all. In all fairness, the doc did say four months. I’ll just use this period to play with running. 

P.S. This blog is three years old today and I’m beginning all over again, yet again. Looks like, I’ll always be a beginner. 😊

A big thank you to all my readers for your support and encouragement especially during the difficult times. It’s been a good ride and I’m happy to have made many friends here, you know who you are. I could start mentioning names but wouldn’t like to miss out on someone or the other. The exchange of thoughts, ideas and experiences has enriched my running journey in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. Thank you, once again.

The journey continues…