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Finally! Got out for a short run to test the knee. It was fine for a mile or so but a little troublesome after. Not too bad overall but I guess it would be smarter to keep it to just a couple of short runs a week for a while. 

It felt good to be running. I had these weird doubts that I might have forgotten how to run. The monkeys in the head can be quite daft, who forgets to run? Anyways, once in motion, it’s just the breeze on my face and the solid ground under my feet. I felt a bit rusty though and it’s only towards the end that I felt the old movements come back- the lowering down of the body, using the glutes and landing lightly, etc. For now, it’s just good to move. 

This time away from running saw a bit of progress in yoga. In the three months or so, I learned to balance on my head without the support of a wall. Although the knee prevented many actions, there were many more that I learned to work with. I kept thinking that I was terribly slow and dull in my learning but in retrospect, it hasn’t been that bad. There has been more change than I thought and I’d like to keep that momentum going. 

Running was a pleasure today, it was a delight to feel the soul cleansing sweat of a hard working heart. But, I guess it’s time for a change in how I include it in my life. A time and place for everything. It is a good sport to challenge oneself, push boundaries and feel good. It has been all that and more for me. Yet, it can be an obsession, hard to ignore the heady endorphins when they make you feel so good. Sometimes, it’s also a running away. 

I guess it all boils down to the why. Why do I run, why do I practise asana, why do I swim? In a word, stillness. The irony is that it comes through movement. 

Post run feet