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The last leg is always the most painful to wait out. I reckon it would be another 2-3 weeks before I get back. Sometimes I wonder about getting back to running again. Do I want to? Yes. Do I need to? I don’t know. 

Physio exercises and yoga, along with swimming have made me a little stronger. I feel more balanced all over rather than just pounding my legs. Some of the more challenging yoga poses have become possible. Swimming has improved my breathing during yoga as well. Overall, there’s better balance and strength. But…

Upside down thoughts?

I keep thinking of this as a temporary break and treat the exercises and swimming as a stopgap arrangement. Yet, there is a niggling thought inside about not running. Is it fear? Or is it breaking free? In a sense, running is an escape, a rush of excitement while everything else waits. It’s also an easy way of maintaining time and food discipline. Walking doesn’t quite give the same sensation, it’s less vulnerable compared to running barefoot. Is it the adrenalin rush I miss? Or the grounding of the earth? Maybe, it’s because my running clothes don’t speak to me anymore and it doesn’t bother me. And that’s scary.