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The vertical perspective of the sky differs vastly from a horizontal one. Lately, I’ve been looking at trees and birds while swimming. The pool walls don’t stop the trees from poking their heads to peer at the splashing humans. The birds crisscross the patch of visible sky in patterns and randomly. At times, there are arguments and a whole flutter of the winged ones take to the skies. These days, some of them come to the pool to take a sip of the cool water. The pigeons are lazy and strut near the edge to take a quick drink before small kids rush at them. I also saw some small dark swallow kind of birds skim the waters to sip while in flight. Drinking on the wing. Not very different from drinking while running, except for the exquisite grace and precision the birds display. 

In the meanwhile, there is another perspective to seeing, upside down. The pose below is a supported version of Adho mukha svanasana (popularly known as downward facing dog pose) and many variations are possible. Any yoga book would be able to describe the technique and benefits of this pose. However, the therapeutic application of this one is what I find interesting. Generally, it is a hard one to get right if you care about the alignment and symmetry. The ropes make it easier and allow me to stay a while and ease my spine. Maybe it is just stubbornness or strong belief but I want to see if I can use the tools I have to help myself. Let’s see how it unfolds over the next few weeks. 

Hanging in there for a while

P.S. I’m a novice learner and these are just personal experiments. Any flaws are mine alone.