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Much as I’m disappointed at having to step away from running, there’s an incorrigible optimist inside that sees the bright side. 

While I was feeling sorry for me and mine (my little girl took a nasty fall at school and is currently at home for a week), a pair of dumbells arrived. That was a sign to shake off some self-pity and think about what I could do. This is a good opportunity to work on overall strength and wellbeing, not just running. Then, I called the pool and had a nice chat with an absolute stranger, a retired admiral, who runs a program to train people to swim and/or learn lifeguard skills. It was off hours but he answered the phone and gave me the details. Another sign?

It’s easy to give into despair like when I tore the ligaments in my ankle 3 years ago. It took me 6 months to get back and that’s when this blog started. This time around, I have a little more runner resilience at my command. 

dug out an old pair of smiley 👀

The sooner I get a plan in action, the faster I can get back. There is a solid belief in the healing power of yoga and an absolute sureness of being right where I am meant to be. It will be interesting to be a beginner all over again with a new skill. I’m a terrible swimmer so perhaps this may be a good way to explore if I can find some grace in my movements. Perhaps work on that aversion to diving, maybe learn lifeguard skills. Something out of my comfort zone. Who knows where this road goes?

It helps to have friends and family that care enough to ask and listen to my woes. I’m grateful for all the support and cheer that many fellow bloggers have provided. It has been easier to accept my current situation and get on with life with enthusiasm. Running is just part of life, another adventure awaits!

Just a wandering thought- would me and my run still be valid considering that there is no running for now?