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While I ran a bit last week, this week was almost off, except for a mid week 5k that I couldn’t complete. The knee hurt too bad to continue. The old heaviness in the right side and the feeling of imbalance also came back with a vengeance. 

It struck me later that I had blindly ignored a muscle strain and continued running. No wonder, post run legs did not feel the same. In my yoga practice, I did not go through the usual maintenance poses to support them. Instead, I was enamoured by handstand preps and attempts which were a lot more exciting. So, here I am with irritated joints and muscles. Good reminder that all engines need regular maintenance. 

Off the road for a bit. While there is relief at not having to be out in pain, one corner of my mind groans at the pain of restarting when I do get back. For now, moov is my friend.