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Winter mornings take a long time to wake up, even coffee doesn’t make it shine until the traffic goes crazy. 4 runs this year and equally split between morning and evening ones. One of the mornings, my feet were frozen and numb as the temps had dropped quite a bit so cut short and came back. The upside is the fast is still there, of course, speed is relative.

Didn’t realise how cold it was…

Morning runs zing up the day and I find myself getting a lot done, personally and professionally. Evening runs don’t have that same flavour. It’s heavier and I have to go to the racecourse to avoid the heavy traffic. The return from there takes a while due to the evening rush hour which eats into the rest of the day.

It’s funny how I went from owl to lark in a matter of months. It was normal for me to stay up late before I started running. Study, movies etc. all seemed better at the end of the day. Somehow, running changed all that. I started to wake up early. Perhaps, it was to get the run in before the world woke up and saw me lumbering away. Maybe, it was just the body clock rearranging itself to a more natural rhythm. I don’t know but it does feel great to be up and enjoy the quiet hours even on days I don’t run. The calm of the morning has a freshness that the late night hours don’t possess. It’s a time best suited to thought and word. 

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

We leaned that little rhyme as children and even if not wealthy and wise, I can definitely say I am healthy. Without health, wealth and wisdom are of no real use. Running is one of the means to keep body and mind, agile and fresh. It’s playtime for adults. Sometimes, the feet fly and at such times, I am a child again, running with abandon. Just sheer joy. It reminds me of times I would hurtle down steep slopes on a cycle as a kid. I see that in my little girl who rides her bike like a maniac. As an adult, I hold back. How and why do we lose that unbridled joy? 

Anyways, I just don’t feel like running in the dark. So, I guess it’s just as and when I get out for a few weeks. While I still rise early, I miss touching the early morning skies. Summer, please come soon.