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As a rule, I’m a bit of an unrealistic optimist and tend to go with the flow of life. This year was perfect in that respect, on all fronts. A quick rewind goes back to my first trail half-marathon, switching to barefoot, some travel, a barefoot half-marathon and finally my fastest 5k a few days ago! The last was something I was hoping to accomplish by the end of next month but it somehow happened!

My older girl made a list of 11 things to do/accomplish for this year and managed to tick off 9 or 10 of it. That got me thinking about doing something similar for next year. 17 for 17, that’s what I am calling it. Small things, mostly to do with learning about stuff I like, a few about things outside of my comfort zone and so on. It’s just a list to make and forget about until the end of next year. 

Fastest 5k!

A while back, I discovered a bucket list written down many years ago. Turns out, quite a few of those things have come to be. A big one was to kick the butt, some of the others too seemed impossible but in just a few years, they are a reality. True desires come to pass, perhaps not in the way we expect or imagine but definitely in the way it is meant to be.

Thank you dear readers for being part of my log. It’s been an interesting year and I wish each one of you a full 2017- just in case I don’t get around to posting later. 😊