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It’s been a whirlwind of running and in the motion of putting one foot in front of the other, I found many other feet! 

The weekend was spent in a little getaway place and provided a repetitive but slightly demanding road. Up and down half a mile until  it clocked 10k. So, is that my longish run or hill repeats? It was exhilarating though and I saw 8-9 different kinds of birds and beautiful skies.

Tuesday was an unexpected run with the celebrity barefoot runner and Ironman, Milind Soman and a couple of other runners. They travelled 150k to run with him! 
Today, I was mulling over which route to take and bumped into Ms.A and decided to go with her. An easy run which felt a little faster than usual or am I imagining it?

3 very different runs and one very interesting observation. My threshold is more than what I think it is. We really have much more than we think we do.

I’ve shied away from large events and even more from those that have celebrity involvement. It’s just one of those things. However, I was pleasantly surprised to have a good run in the company of a few runners. There is a tiny community of those registered for the barefoot marathon in Coorg later this year. It is a happy place that bridges running alone with running with people for me. Anyways, since it was a last minute impromptu plan, only 3 of us made it for the run. A star-struck passerby took off his shoes and joined us for half the run. He really wanted that selfie with Milind Soman. All in all a happy hour of running on relatively empty roads. The guys were kind enough to run at my pace which must have been troublesome for them. 

Boys in blue from Bombay

While chatting with the man behind ‘Pinkathon’, a running event solely (couldn’t resist this one) for women, one thing that stood out was his sensible approach to fitness. His philosophy was preparation, not training and that resonated with me too. Earlier this year, a half marathon was my threshold. I could run one at will. The dynamics have changed with barefoot running and it is slowly changing. Perhaps going really slow and starting from scratch all over again has been the difference. 

My dear friend AJ told me a long time ago that I would learn to be comfortable running with people. I didnt’t believe him then but perhaps he was right. I actually enjoyed the hour out with absolute strangers who share a common passion for running. There is so much to learn from all of them. 

Other exciting news includes signing up my little girl for the barefoot mile run at Coorg and AJ running his first 100 miler this weekend. Run well my friend.