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Long run day spent under the covers. So much for plans! A nasty bout of infection forced me into bed where I stayed unable to move since yesterday after a longish walk. 

bright and cheery cover for a sick runner

It was strange to be sick, haven’t had a fever in ages. I can’t remember the last time I was so ill. Dr.G came to the rescue and thanks to some timely medication, I feel loads better today. The obsessive corner in my head started to whisper that perhaps I could fit in that run this evening. But thankfully, there is a sane voice that is louder. I suppose the looming half is responsible for the slightly manic thought process. Realistically speaking, I cannot take a single day off the plan if I have to run the distance. But sometimes there is no choice. 

Maybe another day off and get back on the road. There is a barefoot half-marathon calling…