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Long story: A long break sabotages running. The muscles laze into an easy comfort like the lotus eaters. Shaking them off their stupor requires a splash of cold reality which only comes with the first run after a break. 

Short story: I was off running for a fortnight. 

New story: I’m a couple of runs in. 

I’ve avoided early runs because of poor visibility but cannot continue to do so if I have to run longer. So out it was, this morning, with a tiny torch while the world slept. Running is much slower but possible and in the dark, it is an excellent way to sharpen reflexes. Yesterday’s run was more enjoyable as it was in the sun. But, I need to start getting used to cooler temperatures and the pre-dawn hours will be better. It’s also time to get a couple of running tights. Perhaps add a dash of colour to my running clothes, they’re mostly black or dark. 

There is a barefoot half marathon coming up and I am really excited about it. The committee that’s organizing this event created a group of all those who registered. It’s been great to see so many barefoot runners in one place and the enthusiasm is infectious. One of them shared a couple of pictures of last year’s event and it looked so pretty. There is a strong likelihood of missing out on the event though I do hope I can make it. But, if it doesn’t, there is still another adventure to look forward to. More on that later.