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Dialogue in the morning

Where are the birds? I can’t hear any of them. It’s 6 already! Is the clock working? I don’t want to run, it’s too late. But, it’s a holiday for little K. I can get a couple of miles in. It’s raining. Actually, it would be nice to run in the rains. But, it’s late, by the time you get started it will be half past. 3k should be quick. Go NOW.

And out of the door. 3k ended up being a 6k in beautiful weather. The tiny puddles made little water mirrors that reflected the skies and trees. While it’s tempting to splash through them, sanity is to run over them. A fellow barefoot runner’s remark “more new pics?” made me decide to click away, though most of them were towards the end. 

colors of the road…

what lies at the end of the road?

a wayside nursery open for business … a tad early

and sometimes there’s a carpet of flowers to run on…