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So, finally I got that elusive 5 mile run in. This distance used to be a short run at one time. Perspective. It all depends where you are looking from. 

Overall, a good run with some walk breaks because of terrible roads. The route was an old favourite which has a gentle climb of a mile or so. I was surprised to navigate that stretch with no strain but perhaps the forced breaks might have been responsible for the relative ease. 

you know you are a barefoot runner when you find yourself running on the white lines!

It’s interesting how running brings up reflective thoughts. Sometimes unresolved issues find a way out, at others it helps me see what I need to change. Running alone is quality me time, a time to shake away from playing different roles. I also enjoy the occasional run with company which brings me back to the world around me. Today, I found running company on the last leg which made for a pleasant couple of km. At the end, I met some of the women runners from the local running group and we chatted for a bit before I walked back home. A Sunday well run.