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couldn’t ask for a more gorgeous morning sky

A slow and steady 6k run under pleasant skies to kick off the long weekend. It’s interesting how just a couple of runs can get me back into the groove. Perhaps thetiny run deposits over the years have added up to a tidy little balance that I can dip into when I face a slump. 

Habits, good or bad can be changed, all it takes is a little bit every day.

My feet are dirty by the time I finish which makes them easy to read. Both of them have dirt only on the sole, nothing on the sides of the foot. I reckon that means no over pronation or excessive supination so better alignment of the legs without any tilt. The arches are free of any imprints and make a lovely heart when the feet are joined together. It’s faint in the picture as the rain washed away the rest of the dirt. The padding on them has increased and the toes have begun to separate well. I still land unevenly but it is better than before. Transformation happens in small doses but it does happen. I wish I had before pictures for a comparison but this will have to do.


Feels good to be back. Maybe I can get that longish run in tomorrow. We’ll see.