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Despite the reluctant legs, I slipped into my shoes and headed out. The first 500 metres of the run was against my will and I stopped a couple of times and thought of just walking. It seemed to be a doomed run until I slipped out of the shoes and then it was as though I never stopped running. Luckily there was enough light and no rain so visibility was not a problem. I didn’t realise how much I use all my senses while running barefoot until I ran in shoes yesterday. The eyes and ears play a very strong role when I don’t have shoes on. I did around a couple of miles all the way home. Some days the victory is just getting out of the door.

soles that ran and soles that didn’t!

Running always makes me feel better. Somehow I end up doing far more on days that I run and still feel charged up. There is something about moving like that which clears my head and heart. Perhaps the sweat, perhaps the breeze or perhaps just the feeling of being alive. 

how can I not be happy with the hint of sunshine?