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I’ve become an occasional runner now- I run on occasion. It has been easy to slip into a running slump with the runs happening once a week. Heavy rains messed up the roads and I’ve been loathe to  get out.

road to hell is not just a song…

 A fellow barefoot runner had mentioned a while ago that he was using a pair of Aqua shoes with success for some of his runs. So, I took his suggestion and got myself a pair and took them out today. I didn’t want to run in shoes and it struck me that I used to like new running shoes not too long ago! 

The run felt strange till the end although in all fairness, I just ran a mile. Towards the end, I guess I had warmed up enough to feel light in them. At least I didn’t have the image of flippers on my feet as I ran. Maybe I was just fighting my shoes but more likely I just was out of running mode. It is a bit of a vicious circle, not running then not wanting to run. 

I guess the only way to get regular runs through the wet season is to use these shoes during the week days, considering how the roads get shot here. I don’t like it but it is practical. One advantage is that I can get my run done earlier when it is dark. Perhaps weekends can be fully barefoot as I could start later. In yoga language, it is just a prop. 

they’re quite roomy and do have a good grip