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Almost half a month since I ran! It was good to get out yesterday and feel the road beneath my feet. Dr. G is back in town and we caught up for an easy run. I’m horribly slow now thanks to irregular running. Maybe I need to run everyday even if it is for 20 minutes to get back (yet again) into a habit. The good thing is a lack of discomfort despite the long break. We ran 5k but total distance on my feet was 8k, with the usual walk to and fro. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me considering that almost half a year has passed since I switched to being a barefoot runner. My feet are asking me for a 10k, maybe in a week?

I meant to run today but woke up pretty late thanks to a late night and the alarm not going off. Instead, I took my new car out for a spin. I couldn’t help but think how cool it would be if there were gears on my feet that would make them go vroom…

running on four wheels!