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Had a fun run/ mostly walk with Dr. G (another Dr. G) and we must have done around 8k. The weather was pleasant and the roads littered with glass. Most of it was windshield glass and some other bits of broken bottles. I just don’t understand the thrill of breaking a beer bottle after finishing it. But then, I don’t drink.

Post run wash did not get rid of a spot on my sole. It looked like a blood clot deep within. If I put my full weight on the foot, it felt as though there was something inside. So, back to Dr. G again. She kindly agreed to see me and patiently pricked and opened up multiple layers of skin till we hit the spot. It turned out to be a bleed. Something must have gone in and caused a bleed but there was no external object in there. Interestingly, I felt no pain while she pricked a needle and twisted it to open the skin. The soles have really toughened. I also had to get a shot to prevent any infection. The runs will be on hold for a bit until the wound closes. Hopefully, it will heal quickly and I can be back on my feet soon.

Having a little fun😊

It may have been a splinter, a sharp stone or piece of glass and I have no way of knowing as the skin repelled whatever it was. Amazing first line of defence…