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There’s a nursery rhyme my kids used to sing,

” I hear thunder, I hear thunder, Oh don’t you, oh don’t you, Pitter Patter Rain drops… “

My version goes pitter patter footsteps, run away…

A couple of days turned into a few days break from running. While I was unsure of the distance and route I wanted to run, I knew that I was getting out today. 

The rains have set in completely and the roads are quite a mess. I haven’t run on wet roads and wondered whether it would be difficult or too icky. It turned out to be a happy 5k in a drizzle, an effortless run. I am definitely ready to up the mileage. 

I expected to have very dirty feet after running in the rain but there was a surprise in store. 

mostly clean!

The parts of my sole in constant contact with the ground were free from dirt, naturally exfoliated! The top of my feet were another story though. 

ok, so these need a bit of scrubbing😊

All said and done, I’m just happy to have been out under the skies.