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Missed a run yesterday and decided to stay in and enjoy the rain from my balcony today. The Rain gods finally decided to smile on the city. 

While missing two runs in a row is not such a great idea, it felt good to sleep in and enjoy a slow morning. It also presented a good opportunity to get my hands dirty and potter around in my little garden. I spent a good few hours pruning, weeding and rearranging the plants to keep them happy through the season. It was bare hands day. 😊 My plants are smiling and so am I. 

hungry little birdy came today too!

Most days, there is a little bird that comes to feed on one of the flowering shrubs. He came today too. I also saw a little snail without his shell making his way along the wall. By the time, I was done tidying up, he disappeared somewhere. This little space in my house is a favourite with all of us and we spend a lot of time here. It is also home or atleast a wayside stop for caterpillars and bulbuls. The crows just come by for a quick water break while honeybees sometimes stay. In fact, I once had a busy, little hive on one of the leaves of the fragipani tree! The only unwelcome visitors are pigeons who make a mess and add some extra cleaning work. 

Here are some pictures from this morning. 

colorful foliage

shy bloomer

Meet Dragon queen

succulents in bloom

Mr. Hangman (he hangs by a thread!) no kidding

All in all, a Sunday well spent and come to think of it, I probably cross trained too! There was enough squatting, twisting around and lifting heavy pots. Running can wait for tomorrow.