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A little travel, a lot of work, some new assignments and two intermediate yoga classes meant a choice between resting and running. I chose the former. No point being miserable doing something I love.

It is dificult getting back after a break from running. But with time, it has also become easier to deal with the groans in my head. Usually, 3-4 regular runs sets it back into a groove. 

Today was day 2 of running and I felt really out of running shape. Along the way, I bumped into Coach and we ran together for a while. It has been a long time since we ran together and it was good to catch up.

Inevitably, we got talking about running and one of the things he said was, “we cannot be greater than the sport”. This is a very deep personal belief for me too and it applies to any activity that one follows with a passion. Unless one remains honest, open minded and willing to learn, there is a limit to growth in that field. All the great masters have a humility despite or perhaps because of their art. They remain students all their life.

One of the things that popped up in my head today was speed vs. mobility. Initially, I wanted to run long, then I wanted to run fast. Now, I would like to run efficiently and be free of avoidable injury. In all this running around 😊, I have learnt that mobility and stability are key to what I want. As long as I use my entire being to move, the action is efficient. Stability has been the base for this range of movement. 

Without the base of strong and healthy feet, legs and spine, my movements were impaired. Now, there is a certain strength and flexibility in them. I feel being barefoot has made this possible but this is just personal instinct and experience. The next steps are to actively work with my shoulders to make my movement one fluid motion rather than relying too much on the legs. With time, it will come. The transformation I have seen in my feet and legs is proof that I can sculpt it by chipping away at it. One of the techniques that work for me is to work on stuff that I want to change when I am tired. It helps the action to get imprinted. I would do that when I was running longer distances. 

Speaking of long distances, I guess it is time to start increasing the mileage. It has been 4 months since the shoes got left behind.