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Summer begins with the promise of long lazy days and ends in a hurry. It has been a busy few days and the runs got canned this week. There was an easy routine before that with almost daily runs in the morning; little K on her bike and me on my feet. Nothing spectacular just easy runs for fun. School will reopen in a fortnight and there will be the bustle of settling into a new rhythm. The monsoons are right round the corner and the roads may not be such a smart idea for shoeless feet for the looming season. Something to figure out sooner than later.

It rained last evening and the ground was soft today. Today was a lovely morning to be out and Ms. A and I had a pleasant hour catching up. 

On the way back, an old man smiled and commented “barefoot contessa“. I didn’t get the reference and had to look it up. It turned out to be the name of a very old movie about the life of a dancer who walks around barefoot!    

Perhaps, something to watch on a rainy day.