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The 5ks are coming along consistently and the light burning sensation in the feet is receding. Summer holidays are a fantastic time to be running, no pressure of school buses to catch and lunch boxes to pack. Just blue skies, bursting blooms and birdsong. It feels good to be alive and running.
I had a lovely 5k with a fellow runner today. Perhaps it was a little faster than what I have been running lately if the sweating was any indicator. No complaints though. We settled into an easy rhythm and the sounds of foot and shoe made for an interesting accompaniment. Ms. S had to stop a couple of times to tie her shoe laces which kept coming off. I don’t have that problem anymore. 🙂
But, what do I do with my shoes now? I haven’t worn them in a couple of months. Any takers?


These are my fourth pair of running shoes since I started a couple of years ago and a whole size larger than the earlier 3! I had to buy it from the men's section since they didn't have the size in women's shoes. No more shoe woes. 🙂