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The other day I was reading a post by a a fellow blogger and his thoughts echoed some of my sentiments. Since I started running regularly a couple of years ago, this is the first time where there is no self induced pressure about distance or pace. I run because I want to.

Some days are good, others not so great but they’re still run and done because I want to. My formula for running these days is quite simple. If it’s mental laziness, I get out. As of now, it’s kind of where I was when I first started this blog. 3-4k runs. But the mindset is radically different. Back then I was obsessed about running a half marathon. Barefoot running has lifted that compulsion. I have no idea how long it will take to be able to run an easy half or whether I will want to run long. At the moment my feet are teachers and I listen to them, actually it is difficult to ignore them. They speak quite loudly.

One morning, there was a young rider who seemed quite amazed that I was running without shoes. He offered me water and on my loop back said, “great going ma’am”. I can understand his sense of ‘wow’ because I used to feel that way when I would see a barefoot runner. But as one myself, I realise it feels quite natural after the initial discomfort.
People react quite differently to naked feet. I suppose seeing them without any protection makes most folks uncomfortable because they are never out on display. The feet, any feet, continue to fascinate me and I suppose it is a bit of an infatuation that has lingered for far longer than I expected.

Enjoyed a 5k after a very long time with Ms. A.