School timings were advanced by an hour last month so all walks and runs were in bright daylight. It’s back to usual time again for a bit until the summer holidays. That means earlier walks/runs and part of it is in the dark. I haven’t walked barefoot in the dark and almost thought of giving the runs a skip until school shut. But then again, why wait. So off it was with a tiny torch although I didn’t need to use it. The street lamps were on until it was light.

I had a good continuous 20 minute run on familiar roads. It felt like when I first started running, all new and exciting.

My soles burn a little on the days I run, perhaps it is the friction against the road. But I’m guessing that will pass once the skin toughens. Last week, the calves were a bit achy too but in all fairness I didn’t quite take care of them that well. Supta Padangushtasana and variations are back as part of the pre-run routine. All in all, it seems like I found my running groove again.
On my way home after my run, a curious passerby asked me, “Barefoot, you like?” And what else could I do but grin and reply but “Yes, barefoot I like.”