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Another adventure begins!

It’s almost a month to the date since I started walking barefoot. The four weeks flew past without any impatience. That was really the big lesson in Phase 1. The challenge will be to hold my horses now on.
Hit the road today for an easy run around the place and it was such a delight. A breezy run with a couple of walk breaks. It felt really, really good to be moving like that. Perhaps I could have gone slower but the lure of the crisp morning air and springy feet was too much to resist. I ran happy and free.
There was no huffing like an elephant and my legs were quite fresh despite a hard yoga class yesterday. There was another (free)runner πŸ™‚ with me and my worry about dragging her down was baseless. We had a good run together and once again I had to give up on my preconceived ideas about how hard it would be to get back.
One of the most important lessons yoga has taught me has been the value of a base. Take as much time as required to work on the basics and the ramp up is faster and with less risk of injury. I suppose it boils down to using the mind completely really when one spends time on repeating the same seemingly simple action. Eventually the boredom of the movement goes and the inquiry begins.


Barefoot running keeps my feet squeaky clean!

The plan ahead is to alternate barefoot walking and running for a bit and stick to time and feel rather than distance.