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It’s been an interesting 10 odd days of walking barefoot. A chance walk at the race course a few days ago was a discovery, there is a variety of surfaces to use. I walked on sand, packed earth, and stretches dotted with little stones (that’s the surface I still find hard). In my head, complete ease on those will be a kind of indication that I am ready to move to the next stage. Part of the walk also included a few of the drills in the book.

I’m lucky to be shoeless almost the entire day. Pretty much the only times I have footwear on is while going out some place. I wear sandals or slippers which get off when I drive or am at work. I’ve decided to ditch the running for now and go the slower route of completely transitioning to barefoot. It is tempting to break into a run but I will continue walking for a while besides doing the footwork. 🙂
It is different being a beginner this time. No expectations or goals, no rushing milestones, just listening. I guess knowing that running will wait for me has made it easy to let it go. For now, it is just enjoying the freedom of walking until running happens. In the meanwhile, am I a runner?


Lone flower stubbornly blossoming.