I could over think the barefoot adventure and sit on the fence for eternity but somewhere deep inside it feels right. So, for better or worse, I’m in for the ride. Last week saw very little mileage in terms of running, quite a bit of barefoot walking and a few days of strong yoga practice.
I have a plan of sorts to transition to barefoot completely based on the one outlined in the book AJ sent me. The barefoot drills mentioned in it are very similar to some of the yoga poses so I’ve adjusted accordingly.
One thing that would bother me was a little bulge under my right foot. I found rolling a little ball has taken away that discomfort. So, that’s something I do regularly now.
It’s unknown territory and I’m curious to see how the story unfolds. It may be something I can sustain or something I may abandon and that’s the beauty of the journey. Sole to soul.