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” My list is actually getting ticked off as time goes by. And now I actually kind of agree with you when you say, If you want something truly, it happens. “ – excerpt from a letter my daughter sent me.
There is a runner I know who has transitioned from running in shoes to barefoot. In fact, my first barefoot run was when I was out on a walk/run with his wife. I’ve been meaning to call him to ask about how he switched before I took off on my own. But as usual, I over thought about bothering him, taking up his time etc. In all likelihood, I possibly would not have called him at all. So the universe intervened.
While on my way back from a run today, I bumped into him and exchanged a few words. He started by running 5ks barefoot for a few months before building up longer distances. As and when the fancy for a long run took hold, he ran in shoes. And that was that. So maybe I can work out something where I slowly move to freeing my feet while satisfying the urge for longer runs. Today was a mished up run and showed me how much I have to work on my basics all over again. Running without any plan is good but also makes me feel a bit rudderless. I need the discomfort of working toward something to keep it fresh.
In the meanwhile, I’ve been walking barefoot outside on all kinds of surfaces and it is interesting. Let’s see where my feet take me.