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The other day Ms.A was over and we were chatting about running. One of the things that came up for me was a desire to run a full marathon distance and the other was to switch to barefoot running.
That’s when she asked me a very pertinent question, “Do you think you can wipe the slate clean and start again from scratch?” It was easy to say yes considering how many times I have stopped and restarted running but is it really?
In order to transition without getting injured like the last time, I would need to follow a plan. So I sat down with pen and paper to chalk a plan and a first draft tells me that it would take around 18 weeks to be able to run barefoot for about 10k! That’s a long time, as long as training for a marathon. The last time around, I ran a  barefoot 10k in about a month!
I could decide to mix it up and run with shoes too to maintain mileage but then I suppose it would just take longer, besides confusing my feet. In my experience, I have seen that if I focus on getting the basics right, no matter how long it takes, the ramp up is faster and easier. The painful part is sticking to the plan when it gets repetitive and seemingly without any change.
It’s tempting to chase distance as there is a certain rush with crossing more miles and learning to go completely barefoot is sort of like going back to kindergarten and learning the alphabet all over again. Can I be patient and choose to lose whatever base I have and start from zero? Honestly, I cannot say for sure.
Today threw an unexpected opportunity to go for a walk at the race course and I made full use of it by ditching my shoes.