The back has been status quo, maybe a little worse. So finally took myself to the doctor today.
It could be either one of two possibilities, soft tissue injury between the discs or some medical sounding fracture. Although the fracture was his first guess, he set it aside for the moment because it is very rare.
I function normally without any ache and it is life as usual except that I can’t bend forward beyond a certain point and my backward movement is even less. Two spots on the spine feel tender. For the moment, it is anti-inflammatory meds and ice and a game of wait and watch for a couple of days. If the tenderness and swelling reduce, then I am good to run on Sunday.
Run or no run, I am looking forward to a holiday and change of scenery. Although, somewhere there is a little scaredy worm that is whispering, ‘what if the back doesn’t get better…’
But as Scarlett says, “I’ll think about it tomorrow”.