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I injured my back while trying to sort my groaning legs over the weekend. A little accident with the brick.
So, off the road for a bit and doing whatever needs to be done to help it heal. Something similar had happened a year ago and it took a fair amount of time before the pain disappeared. I did end up running soon after that so hopefully, I can hit the road tomorrow. I did consider running today as well but didn’t since today was yoga class.
And all classes are hard. It is a rare class which doesn’t leave me sore.
We twisted and stretched which was great since it relieved the spot on my spine that hurts. We also had the usual inversions which are hard work for my legs. I could stay a little longer in  them without wanting to collapse into a heap.
My life feels like a small island surrounded by waves of a high volume work week and new assignments, a runny-nosed sniffling child, guests and chores. But it is oddly peaceful, even with all the lost miles and runs.