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Sometimes I feel all zen like and like to imagine a serene expression as I glide on the roads. It’s a good thing this image is only in my head! While I like to think I look peaceful, my head is constantly filled with a stream of monologue. Here’s a sampling of today’s randomness and I am sure I haven’t caught even half of the thought stream.

I’m glad winter is going away.
But it is still cold.
18° is good but it will drop to 11° in half an hour. Should I wear gloves?
The hammie is in pain. Is it a good idea to get out?
I’ll get out and start walking. If it seems OK, I will run 5k.
Ok, it hasn’t stopped making its presence felt.
Just get on with it.
All you have to do is walk.
Ok start running slow.
Easy, peasy.
I can still feel it.
Give it time.
Its still there.
Ok, I can’t feel it that much now.
Maybe its alright now.
Maybe I should run longer?
Should I do a 10?
Don’t be stupid. Do an easy 5 of 6.
Lots of snot today. Wish I had a tissue.
Those flowers look so pretty, looks like what Dr. G posted recently.
Maybe I should get a picture and send it to her.
It would be nice to see her, been really long.
Halfway point for a 6, taking a 20 second walk.
Ouch! It’s better to keep running. The hammie is screaming.
What should I do?
Run at least it didn’t feel as bad as walking.
Stupid idea to do the stairs.
Maybe not.
If nothing is permanently damaged, chances are it will knit together well.
Knotted is more like it.
I should’ve worn gloves.
The banyan trees…
They are my favourite.
I feel like an ice cube running.
I’m frozen.
I definitely should’ve worn gloves.
It’s not even that cold. Or is it?
When will it be summer again?
I can’t wait for the bright sunny 5:30 am runs.
That pillion on the bike looks so cozy with a lined jacket and a beanie.
It would be nice to feel warm, maybe put my hands in a pocket.
Rub hands on the butt.
Even better to smuggle under warm covers.
5k is enough for today.
The sun looks pretty.
Walking hurts so much.
Maybe new muscles are being born?
It feels more like they are dying though.
Maybe I will finally get those runner calves?
Ha! No chance on these skinny legs.
I could do with some fat. Then I wouldn’t feel so cold.
Running is mostly being a hamster on a wheel. Running and running with nothing really changing.
Perhaps someday I will run and leap beyond that wheel.
Run free…
Wishful thinking.
Why do I run?
This is really painful. I’m limping.
Are those pelicans?
The piglets are playing football with a bag!
Downhill is even more painful that uphill. And these are not even hills! Just a winding road.
Those piglets look cute scampering away, curly tails and all.
There’s mama piggy. She looks strict.
I’m not taking that call. This is me time.
Ok getting my shoes off.
Maybe a little further.
Ah, it feels good to walk barefoot.
I love the feel of being shoeless.
It’s been so long.
Is it such a smart idea?
The road is much cleaner today.
I have a half marathon in a couple of weeks.
Actually, I don’t care. I’m going for the holiday and even if I don’t run it, I’m fine.
I can’t wait to get back to running barefoot.
I wish I could get a nice hot coffee along the way. Just the way I make it.
Someone make me coffee now.
I also want a hot breakfast.
That dog is so heavy and looks sluggish. I wonder if he is getting enough movement.
The strays are lean and seem much more healthy.
Got to scrub my feet.
What should I fix for lunch?
Poor Tommy, he’s hungry. Maybe I should get him something to eat when I get out? Biscuits? No I don’t think they’re that good for dogs. Sugar is not something they need.
Home at last.
I’ll climb up the stairs and see how the leg feels.