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I took 20 minutes to run/walk a mile!
My slowest ever but this is learning. I ran/walked the stairs in my building. Originally, I wanted to run 5 or 6k on a little difficult route but there was some school work that needed to be sorted and my day started late. I didn’t want to miss a run today and so decided to try doing stairs. Since I had no clue on how to get started, I did what the rest of the world does, googled it.
There is so much stuff out there that I gave up after a while and thought I would have a go at it for 20 minutes. So walked a bit then ran and walked and so on. I lack perspective in these kind of hard efforts so there is no way to say if this is how it is supposed to be. I guess the body will let me know in time. Maybe it was enough because I was sweating more than I have in recent times and my right leg was trembling after I stopped.
Including the terrace landing there are 7 storeys. I didn’t count the number of steps and finally lost count of the number of times I went up and down. Totally I ran up the entire thing twice and another two times I ran/walked up. The rest of the time I walked. It got a little easier towards the end but I stopped at 20 minutes and saw that I had completed a mile. Actually, it’s not too bad a way to fit in a run if I am short on time.