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A sudden trip to Mumbai was perhaps just what I needed to get some life into my running. The city is getting ready for its annual marathon tomorrow and while passing by the area where the event is to be flagged off, I could feel the buzz.
It was a pleasure to get out this morning in shorts and a tee and not deal with frozen fingers. Ms. A lives in this city now and we made a plan to catch up at Shivaji Park. The run was a lumbering sort until I hit the morning market at Dadar Plaza and then on it was fun. That market is a blaring short stretch in the mornings with hawkers, shoppers, vehicles and overflowing greens. Running that stretch was like playing NFS, weaving in and out between cabs, cycles, trucks, human bodies and avoiding the greens. I crossed that mess and met Ms.A at the 7k mark. We ran together until we reached ‘Idli House’, my favourite breakfast joint here for steaming hot idlis and rasam. Simply melt in your mouth idlis.
Running here is very different from running back home. Out here, I run on the highway and busy main streets. Even at an early hour it is always rumbling with trucks and buses and other assorted wheels.
Today was a bustling sort of day and I also got a ride on the local train as well as the ubiquitous B.E.S.T. bus after ages. It felt strange to feel like an out of towner in this city I called home for many years.
Nostalgia yes, but do I miss it? No. Pune is home now.
I met AJ who is in town for the run tomorrow. As always, it doesn’t feel like so much time has passed since I last saw him. Wishing him and all those running tomorrow a good one.