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Made up the route as I ran. A few loops of the ground then onto some nearby roads. Some ups, some downs, some flats and just a vague idea of distance. Figured it would distract me from thinking about how long and how far.
4 miles and some change while feeling frozen. It’s not as cold as it is in other parts of the world but I don’t seem to tolerate cold well at all. My fingers were ice in my gloves and thawed only after I got home. My pace is shot and I have to build up again. Lost time over the last few weeks with the foot and then work. Missed all the little hilly runs while keeping the foot calm and then the runs itself when work got busy.
Almost all the way I wondered what was the purpose of running. I had to remind myself that this is training, practice. I don’t feel like running and perhaps this current aversion has to do with having signed up for an event. I’m fine as long as I train just for the sake of running and improving myself.
My right knee buckled with a sharp pain while running today. I walked a bit and then ran again. It seemed to go away when I lifted my legs to run rather than just using my feet. The right hip is a problem area, it shows up in yoga too. The whole thing is connected and that also added to the noise in my head asking me why am I doing this?
After the run, I felt the flush in my cheeks and a spring in my step so I guess it’s just the high I seek. But at what cost? Questions for another time. The road is still waiting…