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I ran in circles today, literally. A different experience. I’ve been loathe to run in loops and have almost always run out and back. Since time was short, I decided to run for an hour around a ground close to home. It got a little crowded after a while so I took off on some nearby roads. The repetition of the same 800 odd metres was not bad at all but my legs were not with me today. They were stubborn and heavy and it was a slow, lumbering run. After 5 odd miles it started to loosen a bit but by then it was almost time to wrap up. Surprisingly, the inclines work better for me to pick myself up. I stagnate on flat roads and hold myself back down inclines.
Today was the slowest I have run in recent times but I did not stop and I did not pack up. I could dissect the problem many ways but ultimately it is just what it is. Another run. 
There was a fleeting thought that maybe I shouldn’t have signed up for that half next month. It stops me from experimenting with stuff now and everything including barefoot will have to be after that. The run doesn’t seem as exciting as the mini holiday around it. Right now, it feels like something to get done with.
Work wise it is still quite busy and promises to get only more hectic. I will have to find a way around that as well as finding time for .
Yesterday’s thought stayed, “practise as though you never win”.
So that’s what is going to be for now.