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I had a complete day off, well around 20 hours, from work yesterday and it was just what I needed. Got my yoga class done and then lazed around most of the day. Read some, napped a little, shopped a little and did not open my laptop until late evening for a couple of hours to finish some work.
Headed out this morning for a short 6k and it felt good. I didn’t realize how much I missed the early morning quiet and dark. I anticipated soreness after yesterday’s class but it is very minimal. The previous class left me sore for 4 days! I guess that must have made me stronger in some way. What is it they say, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.
Yoga is generally considered soft and feel good but Iyengar yoga is not like that. Every class I have attended and even my home practice is hard work. It may be years before I gain enough experience to not feel the effort. I thought yoga would make me slower but I am surprised by little improvements in my pace. I suppose my legs are getting stronger and somewhere I feel that the inverted poses have helped in making them so. Standing on my head demands an engaged trunk, glutes and legs.
While running, often I recollect instructions from class and see how it can be applied when I run. One thing that caught my fancy today was the contact of the shoulders in the supine poses. Can I replicate that sensation while running? It makes for better breathing and does not allow my gaze to fall.
My shadow is a good teacher, it shows areas that can be improved upon. One of the things I am happy about is the evenness of my shoulders when I run. They don’t move much and are very relaxed while being alert. Tadasana taught me to stand tall, attentive yet at ease, and that lesson has been trickling into running and everyday movements and stillness.
At the same time I also don’t want to get trapped in feeling accomplished with a little progress. And a thought that I read somewhere yesterday came to mind,
“Practise like you never win.
Perform like you never lose”
While it is not about winning or losing, the thought is a good one to keep practising.
A big thank you to the reluctant runner for an inspiring post that helped me get out today.