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Today was supposed to be a run day but I didn’t run. Yesterday’s class left me with a sore butt, quads and back. So I decided to walk instead. A short brisk walk with the husband and we bumped into Mr.B as well. It’s always a pleasure to exchange a few words with him and I was glad to see him.
I walked the last 1k without shoes and there was a difference. Usually, I run barefoot and then walk. Today was only walking and it was interesting to observe the movements of the feet. The little tenderness was absent.
Marathon training seems to have been derailed for now. Luckily I had registered for a half in February, so it should be relatively easy to complete and I can push my marathon attempt to a later date. I’d like to do the distance in 2016.
Last year I was focused on the distances I was logging. Now it doesn’t seem to matter. I have it all somewhere but haven’t bothered to add it up. I’ve enjoyed the ups and downs of running and the ride has been its own pleasure. I’ve learnt a lot about my body and mind through running and that really is just scratching the surface. Running demanded fuel and not just something to fill my belly and as a result, my food choices evolved into more wholesome and nourishing meals for me and my family. I followed a more regular routine as far as sleep and rest was concerned. All in all, a more or less balanced life with space for all things I like doing.
The highlights were running my first half marathon, discovering barefoot running, mentoring a new runner, running with other people, surprising myself with the odd faster runs and ending up a whole shoe size bigger. Excepting a nasty cervical spondylosis flare-up at the start of the year, I’ve been relatively pain free and for that I have yoga to thank. The odd aches and groans have been due to shortcomings in my practice and getting ahead of myself.
While it is customary to think of goals and resolutions for the coming year, it is really not that big a deal for me. Life gives me cues and generally following those has allowed me to develop at the pace best suited to me at that given point in time. I’m curious to see how the year ahead unfolds though. 
I’d like to thank all those who read and commented on my posts. It is nice to connect with others on a similar journey and pleases the writer in me. As much as I like writing for myself, it is nice to know somebody is reading it too. 🙂
Wishing everyone a great year ahead!