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I have not run in 4 days!
After the Sunday long run, I was good. I wasn’t sure whether I would be sore or not. Turns out I was just fine. No delayed soreness, nothing. After my half earlier this year, walking down the stairs was painful for a day and I was exhausted. It took a while to run again. Perhaps a year has made the body ready for distances. It really boils down to doing something enough number of times.
I haven’t been able to run simply because of being backlogged in all other areas of my life. The spiralling out of control began with work. Desperately shortstaffed so I chipped in and it meant double the number of hours I normally work. That meant sliding back on chores and so on. Add to it school stuff for the little one, getting birthday ready for her big day this week and a day long event outside of work and something had to go. The runs went out. Actually, it is just 2 runs but my head makes it seem many more. This week is rather full and I may need to scale back on the plan to keep some sanity in all the chaos.
Hope to get out tomorrow.