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Yesterday was a little over 9k and it was a plodding along kind of run until the last 2k. Then something just happened and my stride opened up. I ran happy and free. I forget that all I have to do is show up and do my bit, the rest happens.
The foot is tons better although I should keep the shoes on for a bit. This time around I will hold back on the running barefoot. That’s probably going to be harder than I think but it will be a good exercise in patience and can be part of the mental conditioning.
My recent barefoot running fiasco had chipped away at some of my confidence and I was hesitant about trying it again. Deep down, it feels right but the pain made me retreat. Since the doctor gave me an OK, I spent a bit of time looking at the bottom of my feet trying to figure out possible reasons. The interesting thing is the location of the calluses on both my feet. So that’s a new thing to explore.
I was mulling over how to get around to starting again and got my answer in the mail. I came home after work and there was a book waiting for me. Thank you AJ. It was just the sign I needed and absolutely made my day.


I have a longish run coming up over the weekend and the head is peaceful about it.
It’s just a run. The worst case scenario is I will not complete the distance and the best is having an even run. And both are fine.