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Some days I don’t want to run. Today was one of them and since there was no good reason not to, I got out. I expected to be slow and very off but surprisingly a faster pace felt slow and easy.
Along the way, I bumped into Mr. B, the cyclist gentleman and stopped to chat with him. I was happy to see him and he was pleased to see me as well. He wondered where I was since he hadn’t seen me around and I told him that I had changed my route and was running later these days. Seeing him always makes me happy. He’s sort of my happy charm. When I started running a couple of years back, I would think of him as an imaginary friend by virtue of seeing him regularly. Seeing familiar faces in the morning is reassuring, makes me feel all is as it should be. In Mr.B’s words, “everything is on an even keel when I see you people”
Should I wear shoes or not? The temperatures have dropped to really pleasant cool but I feel dreadfully cold. So, I decided to keep my feet warm and ended up wearing them. But they feel claustrophobic for my feet now, so it was  not long before I got them off. I guess they are getting used to being shoeless on the roads, the gravel doesn’t bother them as much now. I wonder if I can completely get rid of footwear, it is so liberating to feel the ground and there is so much more stability. The only flip side is really dirty soles and the first thing after a run is to scrub them clean.
Along the way, I ran back with an acquaintance and it was interesting to see how she moved. I like to watch people move, it lights up areas that I can check out in myself. I’ve had to work hard to change things and its a continuous process of identifying imbalances and breaking them down. Even before I began running, my posture was all warped. Running like that brought me pain, injuries and frequent breaks because of cervical spondylosis.
Yoga helped me to start correcting how I stood and that put me on the road to working on my posture, on and off the road. I may not be as fast as I would like to be yet but that’s a work in progress. Tadasana is a basic asana in yoga and it is a good place to start. Just standing straight and tall is an eye opener and that’s one yoga pose that fascinates me no end. A simple act that we repeat many times in a day has a wealth of information about what is out of balance.