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Sunday was the weekly long run and it was harder than the one last weekend. I was heavier and slower but completed the distance and ran the last 6k barefoot. Blame it on PMS and the associated sluggishness. Except for tender soles, the rest of me recovered faster than last weekend. I suppose the body gets used to loads sooner than we expect.
Maybe it was the water breaks that helped. Everytime I had a sip or two, I felt like a wilting plant watered back to smiles. While I started out with a bottle, all the splashing got to me and I left it somewhere along the route. I stuck to the usual taps and found a juice vendor and a security guard to get something to drink. At present this works since I can round around in loops and access water but it will be an issue when I change routes.
Ms.A joined me for the second half of the run and thanks to her we ran the last 6k without shoes. After a mile or so, it was easy to run without footwear and our feet landed much better. In fact the fastest 1k I ran during the whole run was barefoot. My soles were a little sore after we finished but 24 hours later, it is all good. Maybe I could venture doing the 5ks completely barefoot.
And yes, never say never. I signed up for a run a couple of months away.